Payment Plans


At Mount Druitt Dental, we believe everyone should be able to access high-quality dental care with flexible payment plans. But you have to be careful when you’re trying to save money – cheap dental can lead to cheap results in the long run.

At our clinic, our expert team strives to make your treatments as affordable as possible. You can get the dental work you need with our ‘buy now, pay later’ options.

With these interest-free options, you don’t have to put off essential dental work because you don’t have the cash.

You should also check whether your kids are eligible for free dental through the Australian Government’s benefit scheme.


With Afterpay, you can pay for your dental work in four instalments over six weeks. You just pay your first instalment at the end of your appointment and then the remainder every two weeks after that.

These instalments are interest free. Additionally, there are no fees when you pay on time – only fees for late payments.

Afterpay will tell you whether you’re approved within seconds. Your payment schedule will be available in the Afterpay app and we’ll send you reminders as well.

You can find out more about Afterpay approval, transaction limits and terms and conditions on the Afterpay website.


Openpay gives you four months to pay for your dental treatment in fortnightly instalments.

These instalments are always interest free.

Late fees are charged once a payment is two days overdue, so you’ll have some room to move. The fee is $9.50 for each missed payment.

Read more on the Openpay website.

Zip Pay

For any purchases up to $1000, there are no interest charges and no fees if you pay on time.

There are also flexible repayment options so you can schedule your payments for weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Just pay at least $10 per week.

There is also no establishment fee to sign up.

There is a $7.95 monthly account fee, which they will waive if you pay your statement in full by the due date.

Note that, for purchases over $1000, there may be an establishment fee and only a three-month interest-free period.

Read more on the Zip Pay website and contact us if you have any questions about our payment plans.


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