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General Dentistry

Experience Excellent, Personalized Dental Care at Prime Family Dental. We are pleased to be part of the community, our location makes it easy for you to combine your dental visit with your other daily activities. Many of our patients live, work, dine, or shop in and around our convenient practice location.

OPEN : Monday-Friday 9am – 7pm | Address: 8 Mount Druitt Rd, Mt Druitt 2770

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Children's Dental

Baby teeth, and your childs oral health

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to when you should take you child to the dentist. At Prime Family Dental we highly recommend you bring your child in for their first check up when their first tooth erupts. This is a limited examination which allows the child to be familiar with the dental setting, the dental chair and it becomes as a perfectly ordinary activity for your child. Once the child turns two years old, we highly recommend you bring them in for a proper check-up. This allows our highly trained and skilled dental team to assess the child’s dental development and put into place the necessary early prevention treatment.


Accidents are bound to happen, and here at Prime Family Dental we are open from 9am till 7pm on weekdays.

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